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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, I see the innertoobs have gone wall to wall with the story of NBC Anchor Brian Williams being called out for fibbing about coming under fire in Iraq (and apparently about some other claims as well).

I suppose that if I were a member of the military I would feel some ire over this biznay, as I understand falsely claiming this sort of thing is hugely frowned upon in the Service (and justly so).

Otherwise? Meh.  The guy’s a member of the Boomer Establishment.  Do you really, truly, expect integrity?

If so,  you haven’t been paying attention.

Indeed, I suppose the only thing that angers me is that the rest of said Establishment is shocked, shocked, that one of its members is a liar.

Whelp, ol’ Robbo is off for his annual physical.  Anybody care to lay odds on whether, now that he’s 50, the dreaded “C-word” is going to come up for discussion?

* A glass of wine with Ace, who was the first I saw to coin the expression.

UPDATE:  Back from the doc.  Yes, indeed, ol’ Robbo officially has been requested and required to take one up the tailpipe.  Almost the first thing out of the doc’s mouth when I got there.  (She then spent a lot of time bitching about how the practice of internal medicine is going to hell in a hand basket, sounding remarkably like my brother who is also in the trade.  Talk about morale problems.)  All I can say is, given that this will be my first time, I hope somebody at least buys me breakfast or sends me flowers afterwards.

Oh, and another point about the Chopper Whopper is that it’s simply a matter of Williams being caught trying to macho himself up, and is therefore really nothing more than a squirrel.  Meanwhile,  the NPR nooz blurb on the radio was gushing over all the new jobs “created” last month and claiming that the economy is getting stronger all the time.  You want a big lie?  That’s a big lie.


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