Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, we’re again entering that time of year in which both morning and evening commutes for ol’ Robbo occur round about dusk, and again I find myself asking the same question:  Is it just random chance, or is it some kind of malignant force, that causes the vast majority of moron drivers who either forget to turn on their headlights or think they don’t need to, to be driving dusk-colored cars, thereby rendering themselves damn near invisible in such conditions?

I wonder.  I really do.

UPDATE:  Somewhat related, Rumor (or at least the gal who cuts my hair) says one of the local gangs has an initiation test in which the candidate is supposed to drive around at night with his lights out.  If another motorist makes any kind of demonstration or protest, said newbie is supposed to hunt them down and kill them.   I’m reasonably sure that none of the knuckleheads I encounter are involved in this practice.