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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo dragged himself out of bed and got dressed at the usual zero-dark thirty this morning without first checking for the latest school/gubmint announcements.  Two hour delays all around due to potential icing.  D’OH!

So now that I’ve got some unexpected time on my hands, a few thoughts for your consideration:

♦   While on the weather front, I don’t think there’s any worse winter task than trying to hammer ice off the driveway that’s been driven over multiple times.  I spent about five or six hours the other day clearing up such a mess and the clang! clang! clang! of the shovel is still ringing in my ears.

♦    I also took down the Christmas tree this weekend.  Ol’ Robbo rayther prides himself on his skill both at finding rogue ornaments trying to hide themselves away in the branches and in timing the cut-off of the water supply so that the tree will be nice and light (i.e., dead) when he hoists it out of its base and flings it into teh woods behind the house.

♦   On the other hand, despite having resolved (as I do every year) to coil them up neatly, once again I simply flung all the strings of lights into their bag in one big tangle.  Just as I do every year, I will come to regret this round about the end of Advent.

♦    By the bye, I have also learned over the years to simply resign myself to teh fact that I’m going to keep finding pine needles in the house until, oh, about the 4th of July or so.  Saves a lot of aggravation.   Oooommmmm………

♦    Speaking of over the years, it’s Birthday Season at Port Swiller Manor:  Middle Gel turned 15 last week, Youngest Gel turns 13 this week and yours truly hits the big 5-0 later this month.   (More on the last at the appropriate time.)  How is it that while every school kid knows (or used to know, at any rate) all about the force of acceleration as a body falls toward earth, nobody talks about the force of acceleration as a body falls forward through time?  Ride’s getting wilder.

♦   Anyhoo, Middle Gel had a group of friends over for a party/sleep over this past weekend.  All went well, as they were spirited but polite.  Youngest is having her own little horde in next weekend.  I’m already stockpiling supplies so I can hide out until it all blows over.

♦   Speaking of school kids, part of me has to laugh grimly when I read the headlines these days because they pretty much confirm the arguments I used to make against progressivist utopianism 30 years ago when I was an undergrad at the People’s Glorious Soviet of Middletown, CT.  Of course, back then I figured I was just dealing with a bunch of idiot college kids who, once they were mugged by reality, would change their thinking.  Evidently not.   Or not yet, anyway.

♦    I would not recommend the movie “The Wild Bunch“, despite its fine cast.  Something about the feel of westerns from the late 60’s/early 70’s has always bothered me and it overwhelms this one.  Even the Duke’s later films such as “The Cowboys” and “The Shootist” have that feel about them to some extent (although I like most of them anyway).   I wish I could describe what it is, exactly.  All I know is that I don’t like it.

♦   Whelp, I supposed I had ought to go get a kawfee.  Keep safe this nasty, wintry day and remember:  Pitchers and catchers report in under six weeks.  Woo Hoo!




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