Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Today finds ol’ Robbo playing the Great Bedroom Switcheroo game at Port Swiller Manor.  It is uncommonly like Moving Day, something I have always heartily despised.

Briefly, what is now the basement study is being converted to Eldest Gel’s bedroom (because teenager).  Meanwhile, Youngest Gel takes over Eldest Gel’s former room.  And after expending my entire politickal capital in lobbying, bribes, threats and other tactics, I have managed to secure the Youngest Gel’s room for my new Man Cave, in which I will have my desk, a small sofa, a couple bookcases and my stereo.

Of course, since it’s upstairs I can hardly call it a “cave”.  I’m thinking “Eagle’s Nest” might be a better name.

I’m just waiting around now for a couple fellahs we hired to help move the bulkier objects up and down the stairs.  Hopefully by this evening, enough of the dust will have settled that I can toast my new digs in the bottle of Laphroaig 10 y.o. that Mrs. R brought home as a Christmas present yesterday.  (Ol’ Robbo does like teh peat!)

(Oh, and we’ll need to have Verizon run a new line up there for teh innerwebs, so I may be off the air here for a couple days.)