Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

No, no storm here as such, but we are seeing our first really significant cold snap of the season – the high tomorrow in the Port Swiller neighborhood isn’t supposed to get very much north of the freezing mark.

I will say this in Cold Miser’s favor:  His advent has the same effect on both the mosquitoes and the tourons, in that it causes them to vanish.  That’s good for a fifteen to twenty minute savings on my evening commute time.  (Yes, they – the tourons – reappear briefly in a Christmas-time hatch, but vanish again right after New Year’s.)  I’ll take it.

UPDATE: Speaking of Cold Miser, ol’ Robbo spent this evening watching Into the White, a recent flick recommended to him by somebody or other – either here or over on FB.  It tells the story of two crews of airmen – one of them Luftwaffe, the other RAF – shot down over the wilds of Norway in 1940 and, by a trick of fate, forced to come together in order to survive.

Weeeeel…..I hate to say it, but the movie rayther disappointed me.  The set up, especially teh visuals, was superb even though I kept expecting Han Solo to ride up on a tauntaun.  But as the plot developed, my Hallmark Moment “bonding” sensors started buzzing something fierce, and I’m afraid I lost sympathy with the flick, as the characters settled into the same ol’ same ‘ol – They fought, they laughed, they cried, they bonded.

UPDATE DEUX:  I should have mentioned that this flick was a Norwegian production, so the credits were in (what?) Norse with English subtitles.  I half-expected said subtitles to suddenly start talking about visiting the lovely fjords and how their sister was bitten by a moose.