Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, teh Eldest Gel certainly had an interesting evening yesterday.

Driving along one of the major downtown arteries on the way to pick up teh Middle Gel from choir, she suddenly heard an almighty bang (like a bomb, she said) almost directly behind her.  Glancing in her mirror, she saw a car just behind her suddenly hit the curb, flip over and slide into a tree.  Evidently, the driver had tried to cut somebody off changing lanes and failed – the other car clipped him  and  flipped him.

Of course, the gel immediately stopped.  Mrs. R (who was riding with her) called 911 and the both of them, together with several other onlookers, stayed with the two occupants of the flipped car until the police showed up.  Evidently, they were shaken, even stirred, but did not suffer any major injuries.

In telling the story to me, the gel remarked that it’s one thing to see those driver ed movies meant to scare newbies.  It’s something completely different to see the Real Thing happen.

But what really impressed me was that the Gel also said that, when she first got out and didn’t know the status of the people in the flipped car, she prayed for them.

Ol’ Robbo was both stunned and delighted by this demonstration of Christian charity and piety.  Teh gel is not known for her sympathetic nature in general, and I have frequently worried that, although she calls herself a Christian, she doesn’t really get what this implies in terms of doing unto others.

I am terribly grateful that my worries may perhaps have been misplaced.

Laus Deo.