From time to time, the Port Swiller family has looked to Craigslist to purchase various items for the ol’ homestead, generally with very satisfactory results.

This week we happened to be looking for a small rug for the basement and came across a photo of one that was reasonably priced and would do very nicely.

Now the photo was of a rug in what looked like somebody’s living room, so we assumed that somebody was just letting it go for whatever reason.  So why, then, were we presented with an absolutely new one, still in its original wrapping, by a rayther shifty-looking fellah who kept on saying how much cheaper it was than the same thing at Macy’s?

I couldn’t help wondering if said rug hadn’t, in fact, been appropriated off of the back of a truck somewhere.

We went ahead and paid for it (in cash) anyway, idle speculation on my part not being enough grounds to sour the deal.