Washington-Nationals1Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo is extremely disappointed that his beloved Nats dropped their first game against the Giants yesterday.  Frankly, he’s also quite worried.  You see, for the second game later this afternoon the Giants are sending Tim Hudson.  He gave the Giants their only two wins against the Nats during the regular season and he’s also a wily old veteran with lots of post-season experience.

On the other hand, Hudson talked some smack against the Nats earlier this week, something generally frowned upon by the baseball gods.  Perhaps they’ll express their displeasure tonight.

We’ll see.  All I can say is that I think this evening’s game IS the post-season:  If we go out to San Francisco two games in the hole, I simply can’t see us scrapping back to win the next three straight.

UPDATE:  Heartbreaker.  The realist in me says that’s the season right there.  Dayum, do I love/hate October baseball!

Incidentally, teh Eldest Gel and I watched the game (well, until the 12th anyway) on her laptop via a Brit (I think) live-stream of the Fox Sports feed interspersed with a lot of rugby football commercials.  It might have been legitimate, except that the site name was something like “draculanet.eu”.

“How did you ever find this,” I asked her.

DA-AAD!!” she replied, “This is what kids do!”

Whippersnapper.  Get off my lawn.

Well, as to the trip out west, what else is there to say except