Nats HatBumpers all round for Robbo’s beloved Nationals, who not only won their final game of the regular season this afternoon, but did so via the mighty arm of Jordan Zimmerman, who threw the first no-hitter of the franchise’s latest permutation.  And the final out was recorded in spectacular fashion by rookie outfielder Steven Souza, Jr.  Click on over to see the clip.  You won’t regret it.

What a finish.

So the Nats won a total of 96 games this year and are spiking as they go forward into the playoffs.  Out of curiosity, ol’ Robbo tracked down his predictions for the team made back in March.  Here you go:

On the basis of nothing but my gut, I will predict this: Robbo’s beloved Nats win something between 90 and 95 games during the season and take teh NL East championship. (Suck it, Atlanta!) We will, by hook and crook, scuff our way through to bagging the NL Championship and will go to the Series. What we do there? I just don’t know. So, there.

As it turns out, I was actually a bit too conservative.  And we didn’t scruff our way in, we steamrolled.

Next stop, October.  What is there to say except


UPDATE:  Oh, hells, Momma ain’t gonna click through.  Here you go: