Friends of the decanter, your humble host is slipping.  Why? Because yesterday was Battle of Britain Day and ol’ Robbo failed to post about it.

Mea culpa.

By way of making it up to the history boffins amongst you, I will offer two things.

First this:  In Derek Robinson’s Piece of Cake, a novel about the RAF’s first year of WWII, he puts in one of his character’s mouth the argument that Hitler simply could not have invaded Britain because, despite the Luftwaffe’s air superiority over the Channel in 1940, the Royal Navy still would have blown an invasion armada to flinders.  Therefore, Goering went to a terror campaign (the Blitz) to bomb the Brits into submission and Churchill responded by, well, putting on a brave face regarding the RAF’s ability to fight it off (not that this in any way cheapened the heroism of teh RAF pilots and crew who took part in the defense).  And in switching from bombing the bejayzus out of the RAF’s forward infrastructure to hitting London, the Nazis made the mistake of allowing the RAF to regroup and to fulfill the part given them in Winnie’s propaganda narrative.

Second this:  I give you a long time port-swiller favorite yootoob clip: