danger uxbOl’ Robbo has been taking a break from his Netflix new-to-me movie campaign in order to indulge in an old favorite, “Danger UXB”.  We were firm enthusiasts when it first appeared on Mawsterpiece Theatre back in ’79 or ’80, and it’s held up really well since then.  (That was your high quality tee-vee, that was.)  I find myself even now cringing and squirming as the chaps set about defusing Adolph’s presents, waiting for something to go Ka-BOOM.

I mentioned this to the mater yesterday.  “Oh, aye,” she replied.  “Whatever ‘appened to that nice Anthony Andrews, anyway?  ‘E just seemed to oop and disappear, din’ ‘e?  I hope ‘e’s still keeping fine.”

Well, of course I had to look him up, and the good news is that he does, in fact, appear to be doing just fine on the stage and in the occasional tee-vee or movie part. (I also like that he’s been married to the same woman for north of 40 years and has three children.)

One thing that surprised me is the fact that Andrews actually played Stanley Baldwin in “The King’s Speech“.  I say “surprised” because I have no recollection of that, and being an Andrews fan, I should think it would have registered with me.

Still, I only saw TKS the once and that under very trying circumstances.  We got to the theater late and the place was packed.  The only two seats left were right down in the front row.  Those friends of the decanter who have seen this film will recall that there are a great many extreme close-ups, so you can imagine what it was like getting Colin Firth’s mouth and nose at point-blank range.  No wonder I missed Andrews.

Close-talkers, indeed.