charlie-brownGreetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, teh youngest gel’s softball team survived a scary-close, extra-innings semi-final game this evening to advance to the City Series Championship game on Wednesday.

(And as an aside, as I walked in from the parking lot, I spotted Adam LaRoche and his family.  He has a couple of kids in our league.  Rather than accosting him, I simply made eye-contact, smiled and went on about my biznay.)

Anyhoo, the team finished their regular season at 10-2, one game back of the division winners (who were eliminated this evening on an adjacent field).   The gel has made something of a name for herself as a solid glove at 1st, although her chief delight is playing 3rd and gunning down runners.  (The other day, with bases loaded, she fielded a grounder hit to her there.  Everyone in the park thought she was going to step on the bag for the easy out, but she instead fired the ball to the catcher for the force at home.  The run she saved proved important.)

As for ol’ Robbo, I’ve been acting this season as a sort of deputy assistant coach, helping out with practices, pre-game BP and warm-ups as I’m available, and sometimes coaching 1st.  It’s a level of service with which I’m quite happy, as it allows me to be involved without saddling me with responsibilities I probably could not handle, given everything else going on.

Our record this season against the team we’re facing for the championship is 1-1, so I’ve an idea this is going to be an exciting game.  Wish us luck!

UPDATE:  Greetings again, my fellow port swillers!  I’m happy to report that not only did our team win this evening, the gel proved to be one of the heroes of the game.  Oh, you’d like details? Super, thanks for asking!  Well, it was the bottom of the 3rd and we were up 6-4 with bases loaded.  (The other team had scored all four of its runs in the top of the 3rd and looked like they were getting their mojo.)  The gel came up to the plate and hit a screaming daisy-cutter right over the bag at third.  All the base-runners came home and she boogied into second for a stand-up double, scoring herself a few minutes later.  This effectively took the mickey out of the other team and we eventually finished them off 11-4.   Ol’ Robbo is mighty proud tonight.