Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Arriving home at Port Swiller Manor in the gentle e’en yesterday, ol’ Robbo noticed a large sign taped to the mailbox that read, simply, “Bad Wolf”.

I’d seen teh middle gel making this sign the day before.  When I tasked her with what, exactly, it was supposed to mean, she started in on a long and convoluted story-plot surrounding The Doctor. 

Sic transit nerdii, I suppose.   I tuned out of her explanation after about the first twenty seconds or so, since I pretty much lost interest in that particular series after Tom Baker left.

I can’t complain much, however, considering I wasn’t much older than her when I had a tee-shirt custom made which read, “Nowhere Else But Minas Tirith”.

Anyhoo, in teh spirit of such things, I can’t help reposting this:

Yep.  Welcome to your future, young padawan.

Oh, and by the way?  Teh principle nerd in the black glasses in ROTN is an actor named Robert Carradine.  Back in ’72, he played Slim Honeycutt in The Dook’s second-to-last movie, “The Cowboys”.

Think about that for a minute:  Working with Wayne as an up-and-coming young cattle driver, and then later playing a four-eyed geek.

But then, isn’t that where we are as a culture?