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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past day or two.  Ol’ Robbo got tagged for one of those old-fashioned bloggy meme thingies and it’s taking me much longer to hammer out a response than I imagined it would.  Sooner or later, I’ll get the thing up.

In the meantime, word comes to me that with the recent arrival at Port Swiller Manor of Clash of the Titans and Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith (yes, I denounce myself), ol’ Robbo’s Netflix queue is out of ammo.   Any suggestions for  my reloads?

Regular friends of the decanter have some idea of what floats Robbo’s’ boat.  Newbies are invited to fire blind.

Go.  And thankee.

UPDATE:  Again, thankee for your responses!  This is one of the best things about blogging and commenting – I’d never heard of some of these suggestions and forgot about others.  Well, here is ol’ Robbo’s Netflix queue for the foreseeable future:

Once Upon A Time In The West – Okay, this was one of my own ideas.  Henry Fonda as a stone killer is truly horrifying.

Coriolanus – I’ve never read this play of the Bard’s although I know its general outline.  I like Beethoven’s overture of the same name.

Joss Whedon’s version of Much Ado About Nothing – I actually got this once before but sent it back unwatched.  Can’t remember why.  I’ve mentioned here before that Whedon and I were classmates in college, haven’t I?

Grand Budapest Hotel – Only available for saving at this point.  Between the Wars crossroads.

The World’s End – Pub crawl of epic proportions.  Did I ever mention that the only time I was thrown out of a bar was in London in 1988?

Shaun of the Dead – D’you know, I’ve never seen this but always meant to.  Loser vs. Zombies, isn’t it?

The Guns of Navarone – Classic WWII flick, which of course I’ve seen before.  I also tossed in Force Ten from Navarone.   Y’all know that the senior Nazi officer in that film who goes up against Harrison Ford is the same actor – playing another Nazi baddie – who confronts him in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, right?

Tampopo – “Noodle” Western.  Heh.

Persepolis –  How ya gonna’ keep them in a hijab after they’ve seen gay Paree?

Hope and Glory – London in the Blitz from a boy’s perspective.  Always meant to see this.

Winged Migration – Flappy Birds meet Marlin Perkins.

The Gods Must Be Crazy – This one I saw once, albeit about thirty years ago.  At the time I thought it okay but couldn’t understand why everyone raved about it.  It’s currently available only as a “save” at Netflix.  Given the fashionable sensibilities, I’m surprised it hasn’t been disappeared.

Also off my own bat, I tossed in the following.  I share them with you in return for your suggestions:

Danger UXB – If you haven’t seen this 1979 series starring Anthony Andrews as an officer of the Royal Engineers tasked with disarming unexploded bombs during the Blitz, you’re missing a real treat.

Brideshead Revisited – The 1981 series, again with Andrews and with Jeremy Irons.  Because I just reread the novel and because the last time I saw the series was when Mawsterpiece Theatre aired it in the mid-80’s, a time when I had no frame of reference against which to judge it.

Band of Brothers – Why I don’t just go ahead and buy this set, I really don’t know.  Too bad it’s recent Pacific Theater counterpart was such a dud.

300 – Spar-TAAAAANS!!!!!

Enemy At The Gates – Saving Private Ivan.

Also, I couldn’t find it but what is the name of that Restoration period piece that (I think) features Sam Neill as Charles II and also features a creepy fake statue guy who haunts the grounds of a country house?  Or am I conflating two films?

Finally, I chose not to accept two of your suggestions:

Gallipoli – All the metrics say I should like this film, but it really doesn’t hold me.  Somehow, the battle scenes seemed a little too made-for-teevee for me.

Sherlock – No.  Sorry, no.  Write your own damned story with your own damned characters and don’t go poaching on teh classics.  Besides, it was the first thing Netflix tried to push on me when I dialed in this evening and that makes me just a bit uncomfortable.  (Glances up to make sure tape still covers iMac camera lenz thingie.)

Since I typically watch three or four of my beloved Nats’ games per week during the summah, I’m guessing this list will last me well until about Halloween.





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