Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Last evening (or, more accurately, early this morning), ol’ Robbo had another one of his interesting dreams.

Regular friends of the decanter who know what that opening line so often leads to here may relax and stop glancing nervously toward the door.  This was not one of Robbo’s apocryphal specials.  Indeed, in terms on content, it was quite plain and even boring.

What I dreamed was this:  I had in front of me a plate of what were either puff potatoes or crab cakes, I’m not sure which.  I took up one of them and noticed it had some odd discoloration on one side.  I took a bite of it and said to somebody in the room – I believe it was the Mothe – “Oh, this is a bad one.”

That was it, so far as I can recall.

What made the dream interesting was the fact that I could taste what I was biting.    I don’t remember now what the taste actually was, but I remember vividly that…..I could taste it and that the taste was wrong.

Is this common?  Unusual?  I just don’t know.

From what I understand,  dreams are the mechanical product of those sensory receptors in the braim that never go to sleep.  While the body is at rest and all the external data-gathering apparati are more or less shut down, said receptors sometimes simply start making things up.   (The source material from which they draw – and this is where we get back into that apocryphal weirdo stuff – is not germane here.)

I assume that everybody’s dreams feature sound and sight.   (One of the Old Gentleman’s pet idiosyncrasies, by the bye, was the belief that nobody dreams in color, a position patently mistaken on its face based on my experience.  Nobody knows why he believed this.)  They also can involve touch.  (This is a family blog, so I won’t go into details about that.)  It stands to reason, I suppose then, that the other senses – taste and smell – might also be incorporated into the mix.  Wracking my memory, I cannot now recall whether I ever had a dream involving smell, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

But, as I say, this one definitely involved taste.

So there you are.