Weeeyall,  the Eldest Gel got her learner’s permit this afternoon.  It seems she celebrated by driving Mrs. R around the parking lot of Trans-Madison High for an hour or so in the Juggernaut® v.2.

I sense this is one of those epochal moments that will forever shift what one might call the Port Swiller Family calculus, if you know what I mean.

Later this afternoon, teh gel said she wants me to teach her how to drive my Wrangler.

I opined that it’s probably better for her to learn the basic feel of driving on an automatic first and that we can upgrade to stick once she’s got a bit of experience.

She pointed out that I learned how to drive a stick first and that I did so when I was twelve. (Me and my reminiscences!)

I noted that I had learned on remote ranch roads of dirt and crushed rock with no other traffic than a few armadillos and that she will have her hands full dealing with crazy NoVA traffic as it is without the added distraction of clutch and stick.

She countered that teh Juggernaut®  v.2 is way too big a beast for her to start out on.

I said deal with it.

As a matter of fact, I’ve a feeling we’re going to be shopping for used mini-SUV’s such as a Honda CRV sooner rayther than later.   When discussing this possibility with teh gel, she was wonderfully startled to learn that we considered whatever wheels she eventually gets to be a privilege rayther than a right, and that we will not hesitate to confiscate the keys whenever we feel it to be appropriate or necessary.

Leverage, baybee…..