Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

What’s the use of having a blog if I can’t use it to brag just a bit from time to time?

Earlier this evening, we learned that teh youngest gel has been accepted into the county’s Advanced Academic Program (what they used to call Gifted & Talented) for 7th grade next year.  This is something that she has been pining for mightily and the nooz has made her pleased as punch.

Of course, she has no real idea what she’s in for.  Although teh gel consistently tests at the near-brilliant level cognitively, she also has the attention span of a butterfly.  Always helpful, her immediate elder sister pointed out that such a 7th grade regime after so many years at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method was going to be “like a punch in the mouth”.

Eh, I think teh gel, after the inevitable initial shock, will find her feet.   And be all that much stronger when she gets to high school.

Nonetheless, what with all the academic hoo-ha flying about Port Swiller Manor this evening, I couldn’t help thinking of an old favorite: