Greetings, my fellow port swillers and Happy Easter! Yes, He is risen indeed!

Ol’ Robbo hopes that all of you who are of the Faith had a reflective and rewarding Holy Week and a truly joyful Easter Sunday.  He would also remind you that Easter is, in fact, an Octave, meaning an eight day Feast, so the celebration is far from over.

I. myself, had a good week overall.  Although I wasn’t able to get to the Tenebrae or Maundy Thursday services I had hoped for, I did get to a noon Mass downtown every day of the week and the big Good Friday service at my home parish.

Sunday itself turned out to be, well, chock-a-block.  Because the Middle Gel decided to free-lance with the RFEC choir this year, she wound up singing both the end of the 7:30 and the entire 9:00 a.m. service Sunday morning.  As her driver, I sat through the first, then was joined by the rest of the Port Swiller Family for the second.  Once that was done, I zipped off to the noon TLM at my own church.  And once that was done, I toddled down the National Cathedral to hear the same gel sing Evensong with her own choir.

I find that my progress in Faith does not proceed smoothly but comes in fits, jerks and starts, sometimes interspersed with periods of stagnation.  I don’t believe this is uncommon at all.   All I can say is that this week has felt like a definite leap forward, and for that I am most grateful (although still a bit tired).

Anyhoo, the decanter is back on the table and the Stilton and walnuts are at hand’s reach.  Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, pray once more fill your glasses, bumpers all around and no heel-taps!  Happy Easter to each and every one of you and God bless!