latticeGood news, everyone!

According to the devil’s website home office, my order of lattice panels for stringing up the jasmine and clematis under teh porch is on its way and should be here within the next two weeks!

Yeah, buying garden supplies from Amazon.  Is there nothing they don’t sell?  Frankly, I don’t much understand the anti-monopolistic bed-wetting I read about their omnipresence.  Almost all of the books I buy from them are “remaindered” stock from local sellers hither and yon.  And when I buy other stuff like, oh, ten-packs of 4 x 8 yellow-pine lattice panels, their ultimate source is some local outfit (in this case, a lumber supplier down around Raleigh).   So Amazon is really more of an aggregator of products than anything else.  Why is this bad?

Aaaanyhoo,  here’s why I post about this.  I ask those of you gathered ’round the decanter:  What is the best method for nailing up lattice?  Should one drive in flat-headed nails in the nooks and crannies at the far corners of  the lathes, spread-eagling them as it were to the foundation, or should one drill directly into the lathes themselves?  I’m guessing the former, but I have no experience in these matters.

Any pro-tips wood, ah, be appreciated.

UPDATE:  Thankee to our commenters.  I was drifting in that direction and am glad of the confirmatory trend.   The panels are 8×4 and made of 3/4″ thick pine, so they’re already pretty hefty in and of themselves.  Toss some (hopefully) thick vine on them and they’re going to need the full-bore anchorage.  Pre-drill and screws it is.  (Also, how far along do you space the mounts?  I’m thinking that with sufficiently deep screws, every two feet would be ample.)

Now my bleg:  I’m really not much of a power tools guy and only have one old, dead Black & Decker electric drill with “so-called” rechargeable battery-packs which, in reality, are nothing of the sort, so I find myself in the market for a new drill.  As I say, I don’t do that much work with such tools, so I don’t think I’m looking for a lifetime relationship.  Also, I’ve no objection to extended electric cords, as opposed to batteries.   Any recommendations of a cheap and sturdy nature?  They’d be greatly appreciated.