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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I don’t care that it’s going to snow again tomorrow night.  (Actually, I do care.  I just can’t do anything about it.)  The fact is that it was a bee-ootiful day in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor and I was able to get out and get to work on some early spring projects.

First, per my ongoing jasmine-posting, I went out and measured the space under the porch for lattice installation.  (I’m actually getting rather excited about this project.)  I then went and ordered some 4X8 panels which should be here in a week or two.  Once I’ve nailed them up, I’ll probably put some framing around them just to make them look nice and neat.   By then, I also reckon that I can go ahead and plant the vines.  I can always cover them up in case of any late-season frosts, I suppose.

Then, I went and cut back the clematis on the wall by the garage.  It’s already starting to show a few buds and I wanted to clear out all the dead stuff before it starts its growth spurt.  Last year it got hit pretty badly by spider-mites so I also had a lot of cobwebs to get rid of.  Anybody know a good spider-mite preventer/eliminator?  (By the way, in addition to the jasmine I’m putting in on the porch front, I’ve decided I’m going to plant some more clematis on the patio side, the deer be damned.)

Having spent a solid hour on these tasks, I then went and threw myself in teh hammock and alternately read Chesterton’s biography of St. Thomas Aquinas and watched the kittehs drooling at the birds on the feeders.  (By the way, the goldfinch are starting to show their summah plumage, so spring really can’t be all that far away, right?)

So that was that.  I can’t remember being this impatient for spring weathah before, so I’m trying to take full advantage of even these little teasers.



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