Ol’ Robbo had not seen this video before, I think.  It made me laugh and laugh:

Way, waaaaaay back in the fierce young days of the Llamas, when every blog pronouncement seemed worth fighting about, I recall getting into a kerfluffle with some camelidophiles over my opinion that German is an ugly language, full of gutturals, rocky with consonants and ridiculous in some of its excessive compounding.  I stated something to the effect that it reminded me of nothing but dark fir woods; cold, dismal swamps; and howling hordes of barbarians swarming out to fall on Varus and his Legions in the Teutoburg Forest and cut them to ribbons.

I still feel that way, but here’s a defense by a native-speaker, which I include out of fairness since it was from this article that I lifted the video.  Enjoy!

A glass of wine with Arts & Letters Daily.

UPDATE:  After pondering whilst shoveling off the patio, it occurs to me that maybe I have seen this video before.  Still funny.  Also, I’m willing to bet all of those so-called Europeans are actually ‘Muricans.  If that Johnny is a genuine Brit, then so am I.