Nats HatGreetings, my fellow port swillers!’

After he arrived home at Port Swiller Manor and showered up this evening, ol’ Robbo donned his curly-W  jersey and his vintage No. 44 Adam Dunn t-shirt in tribute to the fact that his beloved Nats played their first spring-training game this afternoon.  Without checking, I’d been rayther hoping that the game, which was broadcast live, might be replayed this evening.  (Alas, no such luck.  Instead, MASN is running another “Nationals Classic” rerun.  I’ve found that these are profoundly disappointing.  If I already know who is going to win, what do I care?)

Checking up on the innertoobs, FWIW, I find that the Nats came back and defeated the Mets 5-4.   Who the heck is Michael Taylor?

Anyhoo, because Major League Baseball is now getting in to gear after its long hibernation, and because teh gels are hogging the Port Swiller teevee watching some feel-good movie about a blinded Olympic skater who turns up trumps, I will now take advantage of the moment to offer my prognostication about the Nats’ upcoming season.  And here it is:

Beats me.

You see, we face a real conundrum.   The roster itself, from pitchers to starting line-up to bench to bullpen, is pretty damned solid.  We’ve chucked some glaring mistakes in the off-season (yeah, I’m looking at you, Dan Haren), and got some sweet potential instead (Doug Fister as your fourth guy, anyone?)  Most of these folk have been here a couple years now, and the newbies represent important plugs where we’ve had weaknesses in the past.

To me, the real wild-card is our new skipper, Matt Williams. Although a clutch player himself, this is his first gig as a Major League manager.  His reputation is for being all about organization and intensity.  After all, one of his nicknames is “The Big Marine.”  My fret over the offseason has been about the interconnection between Williams and the prevailing culchah in the Nats’ dugout.   If they mesh, I think the Nats are poised to rock the NL East.  If not, it might get ugly.

Hookay, here we go.

On the basis of nothing but my gut, I will predict this:  Robbo’s beloved Nats win something between 90 and 95 games during the season and take teh NL East championship.   (Suck it, Atlanta!)  We will, by hook and crook, scuff our way through to bagging the NL Championship and will go to the Series.   What we do there?   I just don’t know.  So, there.

What else is there to say, but: