Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yet another round of snow this morning in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor.  Fortunately, the temperature is well above freezing so it doesn’t look like more shoveling the driveway for ol’ Robbo.  Still, I think the ref ought to throw the flag on Snow Miser for taunting.

Still in my “hoping for spring” mood referenced in the post below, I am half inclined today to shovel out a path to the grill so I can do up some steaks for dins this evening.   You know, “snap my fingers at the foeman’s taunts” as Sir Joseph Porter, KCB, would say.

We shall see.  I have to replace the flow valve of the downstairs loo first, always a fun job.  I’ll decide whether to take on the extra work once that’s done.

And speaking of the loo, I discovered this week that my children, on whose collective education we have already expended lavish sums of money, appear to be illiterate.   You see, when the old flow valve gave up the ghost, I shut off the water line and put a very large note on the lid reading, “DO NOT USE!”

I need hardly tell you the sequel.


UPDATE:  Decided to go for it.  I suddenly developed an overwhelming craving for bratwurst and you really can’t cook those any other way than on the grill.