Georg Phillip Telemann’s violin concerto in A Major “Die Reline” (“The Frogs”).

Ol’ Robbo spent several hours this morning hacking away at the layer of ice that Storm Snochi left on his driveway as a parting gift before heading on up the seaboard.  I’m not sure which is worse, the strained back and calves from shoveling off her initial foot+ deposit or the blisters from clearing away her follow-up present.

However, it was really rayther a nice day in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor, with an absolutely brilliant blue sky and temperatures in teh 40’s.  And as I chipped away, the smell of the sun on the melting ice gave me renewed hope to believe that spring is not that far away.

Which brought me further to think about the fact that during the spring and summah around here, after a rainfall the woods behind Port Swiller Manor are often full of the sound of frogs singing away, a sound that I always love to hear.

Which made me think of Telemann’s little exercise in tone-painting.