Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I know it’s twenty-four hours late and everybody else has already moved on, but lawdy what a lame sooper bowl that was!  I mean, I hadn’t watched a single NFL game all year and this was my first?  Thanks, guys.

In fact, I didn’t have a dog in teh fight although I felt some sympathy for the Broncos going in.  It wasn’t so much that they lost but the fact that the thing turned into such a comic blowout.  After the Seahawks ran back the opening kick of the second half for that TD, I gave up and flipped over to a Star Trek: TNG rerun on Beeb America.


Of course, you can’t talk about the sooper bowl without also talking about the sooper bowl commercials, which is really the main object of this post.  I thought the overall quality of said commercials was pretty bad this year, too.  However, one in particular actually got to me in an odd way.  This was the Radio Shack® “The 80’s Called And They Want Their Store Back” one.  Since I know at least teh Mothe hasn’t seen it yet, I repost it here:

It happens that ol’ Robbo was a member of what I like to call the Reagan Youth:  the kids who went to high school and college in the 80’s.  And back in those days, I was much more connected with teh popular culchah than I am now.   So it was downright startling to see so many members of that lost culchah suddenly reappearing before my eyes.  (It was also rayther depressing having to explain so many of them to teh gels, who had no earthly idea who many of them were.  Dang, I’m getting old.)

Although I laughed heartily and fully appreciate the effort that went into this thing, a few specific observations come to mind:

1.    I dunno about Ponch.  IMDB says that “ChiPs” ran until 1983, but I still think of it as a product of the late 70’s in its  overall feel.  If it were truly a child of the 80’s, there would have been a lot more explosions and gratuitous skin.

2.    Although, as I say, I was more tied to pop culchah back then, this didn’t extend to rockers.  Are the guys here actually famous, or are they just generic heavy metal types?

3.   Mary Lou Retton probably should have thought twice before agreeing to this.   I suppose she needs the money, but self-respect, ya’ know?

4.   Why is it that, out of all these artifacts, the only one the gels recognized was Chucky?  Hmmmm…….

5.    It struck me that there should have been an “A-Team” angle.  But that would have meant B.A. Baracus, and Mr. T and the Hulkster together was probably too much muscle for too few slots.  (Although I could envision them working together to heave computers out the door.)

6.  Good ol’ Cliffy.  Do you realize how many big-time movies John Ratzenberger has been in?  Not only just about every Pixar film ever made, but also movies like “A Bridge Too Far” and “Star Wars V”.  He had parts in “Reds” and “Gandhi”, fer crying out loud!  Forget Kevin Bacon:  You could get up a seriously good game of “Six Degrees Of Cliff Clavin”.

7.   The mechanical owl escapes me.  Not ringing any bells whatsoever.  Somebody care to enlighten me?

8.  In thinking of other 80’s characters that might have fit in, I was somewhat saddened to think of how many of the actors who played them are dead now:  Hannibal Smith, Pappy Boyington, J.R. Ewing,  Boss Hogg…..

Dang, I am getting old!

8.   The Delorean at the end was wrong, since most of the other screen stars are from teh teevee.  If the producers had really wanted to hole out their approach shot at the 18th, the getaway vehicle would instead have been K.I.T.T., the Talking Car.   I can just hear him saying, “We’ve got all the supplies, Michael.  Let’s go!”

And I’m sure teh Hoff would have been up for it.


Oh, two other small points about teh game and its attendant hype:  First, teh gels hadn’t the faintest idea who Joe Namath is.  Second, I hadn’t the faintest idea who the half-time show people were.  The former is bad, since Broadway Joe is part of history, and History is a Good Thing.  The latter I can live with.  Don’t know these people.  Don’t care to.