Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo was flipping through teh headlines this morning – which seem to include more statist thuggery than usual – when he came across this little item from the Telegraph:

The Guide to the CBBC Audience outlines gender differences in a section entitled “girls will be girls and boys will be boys.”

It states: “[Girls] have a tendency towards manipulation and can be over emotional. Girls have a keen interest in fashion and enjoy listening to popular music.

“Boys are activity and task focused. Most enjoy achieving goals and completing physical challenges.”

The commissioning guide is put together by the BBC’s Marketing, Communications and Audiences research department to show what CBBC children audience members “care about”, and their interests related to age and gender.

Now I suppose that we are meant to be enraged that such blatant stereotyping still exists in this Brave New World of ours and to demand loudly that the PC Police descend on the Beeb with billy-clubs and handcuffs and frog-march the offending authors off to the reeducation camps.  Me?  I burst out laughing,

Girls over-emotional and manipulative?  G’waaaan, geddoudahere!!  Hey, pull the other one – it’s got bells on it!!  Oh, ha ha ha ha!!!

Ah, me.  I laugh because otherwise I would have to weep.

Speaking of which, the youngest gel is part of a very tight-knit little quartet of friends at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method and she’s having them all over for a sleepover tomorrow night in celebration of her recent birthday.   I have to go out and buy a padlock today so I can barricade them all in the basement while I slink away to the farthest possible corner of Port Swiller Manor with my book and my decanter.