At dinner this evening, the Port Swiller Family fell into a discussion of books of interest to us.

Teh gels seem to be primarily attracted to various teen-lit series that appear to have to do with time travel, mystical powers, otherworldly possession and other fantasy/sci-fi themes.

marquette_and_joliet“Oh,” I said, trying to bring the conversation back to a more reality-based level, “Well, I just finished reading up Parkman’s description of the exploration of the Ohio and Mississippi River basins by the French in the mid-1600’s.  You know, Marquette and Joliet, La Salle? Amazing stuff.”



Falling back, I brought up Rosemary Sutcliff’s series of novels about the last days of Roman influence in Britain and the likely historickal basis of the Arthur legend in the last defenses against the oncoming Saxons.  There’s adventure and romance for you, I said, there’s nobility and the fight for Civilization in the face of barbarous evil.

They immediately started quoting bits from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Double sigh.