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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I think Mrs. Robbo has some vague notion that to commemorate Dr. King’s birth, I’m going to spend the afternoon painting the upstairs hall.  Silly Mrs. R!

Just got home from teh grocery store.  We’re expecting maybe half a foot of snow tomorrow, so the place was mobbed with panicky shoppers stocking up on T.P., batteries, bottled water and candles.   Ol’ Robbo drifted up and down the aisles with a gentle smile on his face:  I love this local tradition.  Indeed, it was in honor of it that I originally coined the phrase “Storm of the Century of the Week”.

The gels, even while enjoying today off from school, are, needless to say, already calculating the odds of bagging a snow day tomorrow.  Lazy slugs.  This is why we’re losing the Republic.   In case the power goes out, the Port Swiller Manor larder is stocked with plenty of cans of Spaghetti-O’s, ravioli and other range-top provisions.  When the Middle Gel informed me this morning that she has “issues” with products like these, I simply replied that she could look forward to a slow and agonizing death by starvation then.

Not that I much follow pro football anymore, but it gladdened my heart to see New England eliminated yesterday.  I have long noticed that Bahston sports fans don’t handle success very well.   When the Sawx or the Pats are down, said fans are suitably humble and respectful.  Give them victory, however, and they turn into super king kamaya-maya Massholes.   Same thing with the teams themselves.   And I especially think that Tom Brady is an arrogant prick.

Anyhoo, it is a tradition watch the actual Sooper Bowl at Port Swiller Manor.  I suppose I’ll be rooting for the Broncos, in part because I like Peyton Manning, in part because I dislike the Seahawks.  And why do I dislike them, you may ask?  Well, I will tell you:  In January 2000, when Robbo was still following the Dolphins, they played their hearts out to come from behind and beat Seattle in the wildcard.  The next week, they were still so exhausted by the effort that they got absolutely thrashed by Jacksonville by a score of 62-7.  That thrashing was the great Dan Marino’s last ball game before he retired and I’ve always been saddened that he should end his career on such a down note.  I lay the blame at the feet of the Seahawks.

Well, teh gels are off to see “Frozen” again this afternoon, so ol’ Robbo is going to make himself a cup of tea and settle down to read about the Jesuit martyrs in Canada.  Speaking of movies, I am proud to say that I have not seen a single one on the list of Oscar nominees this year and have no interest in doing so.  Indeed, I’ve never even heard of half of them.   My contempt for so-called “popular culchah” grows ever deeper as I get older.

But then again, if you’re a regular friend of teh decanter, you already knew that.  Cheers!


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