Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I dunno how wide-spread this particular practice is among grocery chains, but my local Gourmet Giant (pronounced “Gerrr-May Gee-ohn“) provides miniature carts with little flags reading “Shopper-in-Training” for the amusement of the offspring of its patrons while said patrons stock up on food and drink.

I refrain from commenting here on what one might call the moral or philosophical issues raised by such provision and instead focus on the practical:  Trying to navigate an aisle populated by a gang of the little darlin’s pushing these things hither and yon reminds me of nothing so much as Han Solo trying to pilot the Millenium Falcon through the asteroid field.

When ol’ Robbo becomes Emperor of the World, I intend to have all such mini-carts melted down and their metal put to some more advantageous use.

In the meantime, never tell me the odds……

UPDATE:  It occurs to me that the Mothe probably doesn’t know what I’m talking about.  Here’s a snippet from said reference:

I might add that this is one of those scenes that I use to help combat my fear of flying, and of turbulence in particular.

I might also add, by the bye,  that in going back and listening to the full “Asteroid Field” track from John Williams’ score, I can’t help noticing that certain parts of it bear a suspicious similarity to Bernard Herrmann’s score for North By Northwest.  Just saying.

UPDATE DEUX:  Well, you be teh judge.  Here’s Williams’ “Asteroid Field” track:

And here’s the opening credits from NBNW:


(If you experience trouble trying to get to this link, I feel your pain.  It happens to me a lot.  Easiest to go to and search ‘North By Northwest theme’ yourself.  Sorry.)

I’m not suggesting a direct comparison of what one might call teh musickal meat.  Rayther, I simply bring forward the curiously similar syncopated bits around teh peripheries.

(Then again, I’m teh fellah who thinks Williams stole material from Mussorgsky for some of his incidental musick for Lost In Space, so what do I know?)