For Christmas this year, ol’ Robbo gave his progeny a brand new X-Box 360.

Regular frieds of teh decanter may be stunned by this, but there were two essential reasons:

Firsto, for some years now, teh gels have been lobbying ol’ Dad for such a machine and said lobbying has been met with a firm NYET!  A few weeks prior to Christmas, a certain sense of absurdity whispered in Robbo’s ear that there would be much comic value in giving them what they had so often asked for and yet had so often been denied.  And, on Christmas morning, there was.

Segundo, since our old PC died, I myself have been deprived of the only two Microsoft computer games I have ever been interested in playing:  Age of Empires and Air War Over Europe.  It occurred to me that perhaps teh X-Box could provide me some reasonable alternative for said losses.  I don’t hold out much hope for an AoE-type game, but surely there is some kind of WWII air  battle equivalent?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Indeed, I’d even take a Star Wars – Rogue Squadron equivalent.  But for Heaven’s sake, I hope there’s something better out there than the Nintento Wii game Blazing Angels.  My brother gave me that one a couple years ago and I loathed it – all narrative and stunts, and absolutely no control of throttle and flaps.