Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Regular friends of teh decanter will know that even ol’ Robbo, cave-dweller that he is, became aware this fall of teh yootoob video sensation“What Does The Fox Say?”  (For those of you unfamiliar – yeah, I’m looking at you, Mothe – this was a goofball parody musick video put together by some Scandi comic that set an imaginary children’s book to the full pop diva dance treatment.)

Well, thankee to Mrs. R, I have now learned that some other clever fellah, recognizing A Thing when he saw it, has published an actual children’s book to fit teh video.

While regular friends of the decanter automatically roll their eyes and grip the stems of their glasses a bit tighter whenever Robbo starts in on the  state of our so-called “culchah”, I must say that in this case I look on the biznay with benevolent tolerance.  The original video juxtaposition is clever yet harmless (and, quite frankly, rayther catchy).  And the reverse-engineering of the book to take advantage of the video’s popularity amuses me, in large part because I easily could have seen myself reading it to teh gels back in the day, complete with over-the-top sound effects.


Oh, speaking of such things,  while mulling dramatic readings of imaginary children’s books, I was put in mind of Calvin’s favorite bedtime story from the old Calvin & Hobbes comic strip, “Hamster Huey and the Gooey-Kablooie”, which featured the placing of various artistic burdens on Dad such as the Squeaky Voice, the Scooshy Sound Effects and the Happy Hamster Hop.  For an instant, it occurred to me to wonder whether a market might exist for an actual Hamster Huey book.  However, before I got too carried away dreaming about which Caribbean island I would buy with the profits from such a project,  I nipped over to teh devil’s website and discovered that somebody has already tried it.   And judging by the scorn and contempt heaped on them in the reviews, I’m guessing they’re not lying on a tropical beach and sipping mai-tais.

Double heh.