Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I know this is not exactly in keeping with the ongoing Christmas Octave, but would you permit ol’ Robbo to rant just a little bit?  You would?  Why, thankee!  Please – Top off your glasses and settle in.

You see, for reasons completely beyond ol’ Robbo’s comprehension, one of his Facebook “friends”, a solid, stolid member of RFEC, today posted a video clip from some epic smackdown between two female combatants in the world of “ultimate fighting” or “cage match” or whatever it’s called.   She offered no comment, and I was so astonished that she would repost something like this that I strongly suspect it might be some kind of hack job.

My FB acquaintance and her intentions aside, I really wanted just to say something about the biznay itself:

Have we really reached the point in our slide into teh abyss in which we consider the spectacle of two women thrashing the bejaysus out of each other to be a positive thing?  A legitimate source of wholesome entertainment?  Seriously?  You may call ol’ Robbo a dinosaur or worse, but this just disgusts me.

Not that I approve of male cage-fighing, mind you.  Boxing, I can understand even if it doesn’t especially interest me.  Marquess of Queensberry rules and all that.  There is a certain blend of male aggression and science and art to it.  (However, I still disapprove of female boxing.)  On the other hand, male cage-fighting, which is much looser in its rules (so I gather), is nothing more than a barbaric cousin to said art.  Female cage-fighting, IMHO, is simply gratuitous savagery, which ought to be utterly condemned by any society claiming to call itself civilized.

Yet, from what I can gather, such things are increasingly popular among the many-headed.  (And yes, I know perfectly well what other impulse governs the (I suspect) mostly male audience to watch this sort of thing. Nudge, nudge.  Wink, wink.)  And I know that there are plenty of feministas eager to declaim on the “empowerment” involved in the promotion of female “ultimate fighters” in their never-ending quest to abolish any distinction between the sexes.


You mark my words, my friends, our wretched, decadent, so-called “cultchah” is  not all that far away from blood sports.  As in a return to gladiatorial combat.   Think I’m alarmist?  It’s already a box-office sensation in the world of fantasy films.  How long before it becomes acceptable, ah, in the flesh?