Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

As ol’ Robbo stares out the study window at Port Swiller Manor, teh white stuff is coming down at a tolerably moderate clip.  On my side of the metro area, they’re estimating anything between three and five inches altogether.   No doubt my afternoon exercise today will consist of shoveling the driveway.

Not to raise the ire of Snow Miser by naming calls, but today’s dump, following the snow/ice storm we had Sunday night and the flurries back on Thanksgiving, reminds me of the snowier wintah patterns we haven’t seen around this area for a few years now.   Indeed, after the great Snowmaggedon of 2010, it has sometimes seemed as if there was a vast invisible dome in place here blocking all the storms out and the disappointments – Nomageddon, Snowquester and the like – have been bitter.  (And since I am the father of several children who have shared in that disappointment, somehow it has all vaguely been my fault, too.)

Anyway, we’re still in the novelty-enjoyment phase at the moment.