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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo had been toying with the composition of a long screed on this apparent new fad of posting “selfies”, that is lewd (or at least provocative) photos of oneself, out there for all teh world to see on various electronic gadgets and networks.  I first noticed the trend amongst teh Beyootiful Peoplez from reading the Yahoo! “news” headlines from time to time during the day while checking up on the markets and my email account,  and it’s become one of those  irritants that starts small but gets more and more aggravating each time I see it.

But now that I come to write it, I ask myself:  Why bother?  Regular friends of the decanter know already what I’m going to say about malignant narcissism and the death of self-respect and the continued drowning of our so-called “culchah” in dehumanized and commodified sexuality.  And I’m guessing that said regular friends will already agree with my sentiments.

Anyhoo, I’ll tell you about something else that you are much less likely to have expected.  This year, I am knocking off the gargle for Advent.  I have noticed in past dry bouts that this practice has quite an impact on my sleep.  The cycles get much shallower and I tend to spend most of the night drifting along in a sort of semi-hemi-demi-conscious stage.  I also have bizarre and sometimes unrepeatable dreams.

Last evening produced a classic (a bizarre one, I mean, not an unmentionable).  In it, I had a pet wombat and was trying to take it to a baseball game.  I seemed to be part of some kind of group and somebody handed me a special pass to a VIP section at the park.  The pass was in the form of one of those “Hello, my name is _______” labels, but as I tried to peal it off and put it on my shirt with one hand, while cradling the wombat with the other, I managed to drop the label.  After rooting around on the floor a bit I found it again, but somehow all the lettering had faded or fallen off.   I didn’t think it right to try to get into the VIP section without the correct credentials, even though I was supposed to be there, so I took my wombat and started for home.  All this time, by the bye, said wombat seemed to be getting bigger and heavier.

And then, as they say, I woke up.

Damme if I know what that one meant, but it was quite vivid.



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