Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A thought occurred to ol’ Robbo this afternoon.  I’m sure it’s been aired many times before, perhaps even by me, but it struck me with the force of a fresh vision:  Cats have no shame.

I grew up around dogs and, to a lesser extent, horses.  In both cases, very often when the animal had done something it wasn’t supposed to have done – snuck a behind-the-back snack, bitten too hard, refused a low jump, etc. – it displayed at least the appearance of contrition.  One saw drooping ears, hung heads, apologetically wagging tails, even a certain amount of whimpering.

Cats?  Not so much.

Their modus operandi seems to be strictly ram-you-damn-you.   I have never once caught one out in some illicit activity who showed the faintest sense of remorse, or even feigned remorse.  Indeed, the standard cat reaction to being detected in crime is a glare conveying a sense of disgust at the detector’s gaucherie in having noticed.