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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I hope each and every one of you, after stopping to reflect and give heartfelt thanks for all the blessings in your lives yesterday, proceeded to stuff yourselves to the gunn’l’s with food and drink and sink without a trace.  I can report that despite the alarums and excursions at Port Swiller Manor reported below, we managed to achieve this up to a point, Lord Copper, and that all appears to be well again.

As for today, when Robbo becomes Emperor of the World, one of his very first reforms will be to make use of the term “Black Friday” a flogging offense.   From a religious point of view, I find the crass commercialization of what ought to to be the beginning of a season of preparation, purification and anticipation to be loathsome.   From an aesthetic point of view, teh very idea of teh nightmarish squash around teh malls is appalling, as are the media ad blitzes.  As Han Solo said, “No reward is worth this.”

So I pretty much spent the day loafing about, reading, drinking tea, fooling with the cats and dozing in front of the fire.  

Just saying.

*  A non-sequitor nod to a ridiculous teevee moovie that caused so much stir in the lib world in anticipation of its airing that “crisis counselors” were on stand-by lest people were so traumatized by the premise that they might be thinking about taking their own lives.  At the time of its broadcast, I was a freshman at the People’s Glorious Soviet of Middletown, CT.  There had been much pre-showing ballyhoo on campus among the usual bed-wetting suspects, but all I know is that, by about 45 minutes in, the crowd in the lounge in which I was watching had grown bored and were starting to laugh, cat-call and critique.  

* Also a nod to the fact that I particularly cannot stand the employment of the word “after” as a dangling preposition.   I’m always reminded of Judy Holliday testifying about her no-account husband in Adam’s Rib:  “So I asked him, ‘Aintcha comin’ home aftah?'”  Dunno why, but that usage always causes my gears to grind. 



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