kittehMy fellow port swillers, this afternoon ol’ Robbo heard one of the worst slanders against him of his entire life, made all the more bitter and outrageous by the fact that it was uttered by one of his very own children, and to his very own face.  The conversation- between Self and the Middle Gel – went something like this:

M.G.:  Dad?  You know what?

Self: Yaas?

M.G.:  You’re a Cat Person!

Self: Wha, Wha, Wha, WHAAAT?

M.G.:  It’s true!  You call the kittens “baby” and “precious” and “sweetheart”.  I’ve heard you!

Self (flustered):  Well….they’re our pets.  Of course I’m going to be as nice as possible…..

M.G.:  Ha!   You use baby-talk.  And you’re always stopping to pet and scratch them.  You are definitely a cat person!

Self:  Nonsense.  As I’ve often said, I don’t like cats.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t tolerate our cats…..

M.G.:  Face it, Dad.  You’re a Cat Person.

Impertinent whipper-snapper!  No respect for her elders.  One wonders how the world will survive this next generation……