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pilgrimGreetings, my fellow port swillers!

I will not dip into the perennial debate over what constituted the “real” first Thanksgiving celebrated in the Americas this year, instead letting the Plymouth dog lie.   I can’t help noting my intense amusement, however, in learning that Squanto, savior of the Puritan colonists, was in fact a Catholic.

Heh, indeed.

Anyhoo, no posties for the next few days, as the Family Robbo piles into our Honda Juggernaut®  at day-break to go visit my brother and his family (together with the Mothe and my widowed cousin).  There will be the usual food and drink, grumbling about the God-forsaken state of the world, perhaps some college fu’ball watching (although watching the Longhorns play Tech will never be the same thing as their rivalry with the Aggies), and maybe even a hike up in the Blue Ridge.   Good times, good times.

Oh, by the way, we did indeed get snow at Port Swiller Manor today.  Not many flakes and they didn’t stick at all, but it definitely was the white stuff.  The last time we got snow at Thanksgiving, I believe we got hammered later on when the right season started.   Just saying.

So here’s to a very happy and bounteous Thanksgiving Day to you all, with three times three!

UPDATE: D’OH!  A month or two back, Mrs. Robbo (while, I believe, practicing bootlegger turns although she denies it) sideswiped a pole in a parking lot, caving in the rim of the right-rear wheel well.  The damage seemed cosmetic only and Mrs. R didn’t report any trouble, so I didn’t give it much thought beyond saying kiss-my-hand to the lease deposit.  Well this morning, when all five of us plus our luggage piled in (for the first time since Mrs. R’s ding), I quickly discovered that the extra weight meant every time we went over a bump, the rim would scrape against the tire.  I tried redistributing the gels to put less of a load on that corner, but it only helped a little bit.

We started out nonetheless, but by the time we got to Haymarket, my nerves were beginning to frazzle at each new “SCCCRNCHH!!”   I pulled off the road and had a dekko.  Sure enough, the edge of the tread where the rim had been rubbing it was starting to shred.   No way in the world was I going to try taking that on a six hour drive across Virginny and North Carolina, so we turned around and limped home.

I suppose we might have rented something, but the closest place I could even imagine being open would have been Dulles.   Maybe.  And assuming we could find a suitable substitute,  by the time we got there, got it, got home and transferred all our gear, it would be way late to set out.   Ol’ Robbo has a very low “Oh, to hell with it!” threshold, and that would have been too much for so short a trip.

My sister-in-law suggested I try banging the rim back out with a hammer.  I had actually thought about that and even took a few tentative pokes at it.  But I don’t know anything about getting a body panel off a car.  And I was afraid that if I tried to lever it in situ, I would only manage to tear it, thus putting a shiv directly over the tire.  No, thankee.

So no Port Swiller Family Meet-Up this year.

Fortunately, some friends who found out about it immediately invited us to join them for dins this afternoon.  So at least there’s that.

UPDATE DEUX:  Yeah, about that.  In the midst of our frolic the eldest gel was struck down by sharp abdominal pains and had to be taken to teh ER.  Kidney stones, apparently.   What a day.


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