Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo will tell you two things he’s learned over nearly sixteen years of parenthood.

Thing the first:  When the gels were just infants, toddlers and kids, dealing with them was very much the undiscovered country.    Now that they are all teens and pre-teens,  however, ol’ Robbo is suddenly having flashbacks to his own misspent yoot, recognizing himself in their shoes.  On the one hand, this is good in terms of empathetic understanding.  On teh other, it is bad in terms of the recognition of what a loathsome toad I myself was back in the day.  The experience, although edifying, is less than pleasant.

Thing the second:  For some reason, I always assumed girls were, well, less slobby than boys.  Not less cluttered or disorganized, you understand.  Instead, less slovenly,  less unclean, less casually nasty, less apt to trash up a bathroom with…well, things that need not be mentioned on a family blog (with which I had to deal tonight after a nearly two hour homeward commute because nobody else apparently gave much of a damn).   As regular friends of teh decanter may recall, Mrs. R and I  spent multiple thousands of jimmy-o’goblins this past summah in renovating and upgrading teh gels’ bathroom.  Considering the way they continue to treat it, I ask myself whether such investment really was worth it.   Truck stops ain’t in it.