Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A dank and dreary Saturday afternoon at Port Swiller Manor, so ol’ Robbo thought he would pull out this old favorite:

The Gigue (starts about 7:50) always makes my head wag and my toe tap like Jack Aubrey’s.

The liner notes to my CD recording (by Helicon) suggest that recent research is causing musickal historians to question the attribution of this piece to ol’ J.S.  The thinking, based on the uncovering of some lost manuscripts, is that it might actually have been composed by Bach’s student Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, the fellah after whom the famous “Goldberg” Variations are named (and for whom they were composed).

It’s an important academic question, I suppose, but I must say that I enjoy the piece – especially the development of the Gigue – no matter who actually wrote it.