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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo went in for the follow-up evaluation of his annual blood work t’other day and found that his cholesterol level had spiked rayther significantly since last year’s check-up.


I can’t help observing that one major change in the Robbo lifestyle in the past year is the fact that I no longer take the metro into the Imperial City and walk the .8 miles each way between the nearest stop and my office, instead (because of the need to drop various gels at their respective schools) driving in and parking directly across teh street from my building.  And I can’t help thinking that, as this was essentially my only consistent form of exercise, there may be a gunnegshun.

I am assured by my doc brother that genetics can play a big part in all this, but I’m inclined to think that teh lifestyle change also is  a factor.

Anyhoo,  I mentioned all this to my doc.   She narrowed her eyes and noted that I had promised to up my exercise regime last time…….

Well, perhaps true.  But in those days, said promises hadn’t seemed to matter as much.  However, given this new data, I saw La Doc’s words as a direct challenge.   And yes, because she has a certain cougarish charm about her, I mean to take it up.

Okay, I denounce myself for wanting to impress my doc.  Is such vanity a sin even though it’s in a good cause?

In any event, we agreed that we’d run the blood work again next May.  My implicit assignment, should I care to accept it, is to get back on teh damned exercise horse and take fish-oil supplements.  In teh next six months, I hope to show La Doc that ol’ Robbo is a  lean, mean, fightin’ machine.

Wish me luck…..



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