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I VotedGreetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yes, ol’ Robbo skootched into teh voting booth with about 15 minutes to go this evening.  I needn’t bother recounting which candidates on the ballots for general office in teh Great Commonwealth of Virginny I picked, I believe.  Most regular friends of the decanter no doubt can figure things out easily enough.  Nor need I acknowledge  that I am likely to be disappointed in the gubernatorial results, even though Drudge is still teasing (as of shortly before 9 PM) that an upset might be in the works.

Actually, I made teh dash (and it was a dash, given the traffic I had to fight) for two basic reasons.  For one, I felt I had to contribute at the top of the ballot:  if my choice for governor was not going to cross the finish line first  and was to lose to some loathsome, grifting slime bag,  I was damned if it would be because of me.  Also, were my preference to pull an upset, I would forever kick myself at not being in on it.

Second, because I have a far more personal interest in seeing my local delegate to teh Virginny House win re-election.  She’s a fellow parishioner at my church and an all-around solid presence in teh local community.  (Among other things, she’s heavily involved in our little league program and sponsored the youngest gel’s softball team a couple seasons ago.)  It is widely supposed that she intends to take a shot at Congress when our long-time local rep decides to hang ’em up.    So there’s all that.  The fact that, for a woman in her mid-50’s, she’s very easy on the eyes plays absolutely no part in my consideration.

Anyhoo,  I don’t know if this is a precinct-by-precinct thing or not, but for our polling place it was strictly paper ballots this evening.   One colored in the little ovals on teh O-fficial form and then fed it into a big, black scanner box.  Apart from a little counter window, there was no acknowledgement, no verification that the machine understood and accepted my selections.

Eh.  I am not much of a conspiracy-theorist type by nature, my inclination being to believe that human fallibility and the tendency to blab render any but the smallest-scale operations impracticable.    Still, as I shoved my ballot into the machine, I couldn’t help wondering…………

UPDATE:  Well, I see my delegate won by 404 votes, so I like to think I did my part.


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