Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I believe I mentioned it before, but I will do so again:  The Beeb put out a series in teh early ’60’s called An Age of Kings, the  cycle of Shakespeare’s plays running from Richard II up through Richard III.

Let me emphasize again that, if you have any interest in teh historickal plays of teh Bard, you should go get this set (available from Netflix).  It represents teh Beeb at its zenith, back in the day when it was concerned with broadcasting the best and the brightest of Brit culture, rayther than either  denying  or destroying it.

Let me also emphasize again to those of you perhaps more interested in teh…um….acting quality of teh talent:  Teh series features Sean Connery as Hotspur and Robert Hardy as Prince Hal.

Must I spell it out for you?  Beefcake!