Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

For those of you interested, I did not, in fact, shave off my four or five days’ Shutdown Theatre Facial Growth® for teh concert mentioned in the post immediately below.  Instead, I simply tidied it up a bit.

If you knew ol’ Robbo in Real Life and his abhorrence at the idea of appearing in publick a’tall scruffy, you would be amazed at what a departure this is from his normal behavior.   Yes, you would.

Curiously, or perhaps sinisterly, although all three gels have commented on Dad’s new grass about the bows (mostly in the typical flippant, disparaging language of today’s young people), so far Mrs. R has not said….. anything.

I consider this significant in the “It’s quiet.  Too quiet,” sense.

We shall see what happens next……

UPDATE:  Whilst driving down to Fredericksburg to visit my Godparents yesterday, Mrs. R glanced over casually and said, “So, are you going to keep growing that until the furlough is over?”   As the Universal Husband Translator rendered it, I heard, “You aren’t seriously going to keep growing that until the furlough is over, are you?”

Nonetheless, I merely smiled and said, “Oh…..I’m just going to see what happens, I guess.”

In answer to RBJ’s question, I have not actually tried pressing the point yet.  Something in the back of my mind says that I might get a “No buss for YOU!” rebuff.

Again, we shall keep seeing what happens next.