Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, as of this Friday evening teh buzz on the on-going gub’mint shutdown is that the Establishment GOP has suddenly done a Vichy and is likely to cave very soon.  Personally, I’m shocked.  Shocked!  The practical upshot is that ol’ Robbo probably will get back to work sometime early next week.

Which bring to the fore an interesting grooming issue.

You see, what with the fact that I have spent the better part of the last two weeks loafing about Port Swiller Manor as lazy as one of our cats, I have been less than consistent about shaving.  As a result, at the moment I am sporting a three or four day old beard.  The question is:  If the balloon goes up as I think, do I keep it?

Although, as regular friends of the decanter might know, I’ve often toyed with the idea, I’ve never sported a beard before – a real one, I mean, not just a couple days’ stubble.  Back in my misspent yoot, the follicles didn’t grow thick enough fast enough, and in later years, well, it’s just never really seemed right (i.e., Mrs. R has always kyboshed the idea). 

Yet, when I look at the What Could Be in my mirror, I can’t help thinking that the end result might actually be, well,  rayther handsome.  Sort of academic, don’t you know. 

Then again, teh youngest gel was pointing out most offensively this afternoon how much grey/white there is in teh growth around my chin.   (Interestingly, although there are some grey wisps in my otherwise auburn-ish top, my eyebrows are about 50% grey.  Teh chin seems to follow the latter pattern while the rest of my cheeks go with the former.)  For some reason, she thinks this is funny.  Pff’t.  I’d have thought such coloring would add to a general impression of personal dignity (which, Lord knows, can use all the help it can get).  But like with so many other matters of modern taste, what the heck do I know.

Then there’s the whole grooming aspect, about which I am completely ignorant.  Assuming I don’t want to look like a member of a ZZ Top tribute band,  what exactly am I supposed to do? Common sense says to shave cheeks and throat, leaving a nice, straight growth along the jaw line and under teh nose, but I may be sadly out on this.   And if I do let the durn thing grow out, what am I supposed to do about trimming it?

Well, we shall see.  The Middle Gel and I are attending an orchestral concert Saturday night, and I certainly need to make at least an initial decision before that.