Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

This evening, teh eldest gel asked ol’ Robbo to read through Act II of Othello with her, in gunnegshun with her sophomore English class homework.

My friends, I will admit to you that although I was myself a college English major specializing in Tudor and Stuart lit……although I have a great personal regard for teh Bard…..although I know all about this play from several removes……well…

Teh fact of teh matter is that I have never actually read it myself nor seen a stage production of this particular play.

Yes, I denounce myself.  Happy?

My hypocrisy aside, I stepped up and, if I my say so, was able to guide teh gel through the Cyprian political scene and Iago’s machinations with some success.  Certainly, by the end of the act, she understood what a twisted, false,  duplcitous  shite he was (aided, no doubt, by my frequent ad libs of “Bwaaaa-hahahaaaa!!”).  Perhaps more alarming, she also stated several times how much fun he would be to play on stage.  (Cor lumme, stone the crows, I thought.  Just wait till she meets Milton’s Satan…..)

Anyhoo, at several points during our reading, teh gel stated that she would really like to see a stage version of this play.  Who am I to argue?  My  question for the friends of the decanter is this:  Any recommendations for a good DVD performance?  (You need not suggestion Larry Olivier’s effort.  From what I gather, it’s absolute rot.)

And yes, I am now resolved to finally read the damned thing through myself.