Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yes, ol’ Robbo knows that he ought to be flogged round the blogger fleet for using such a post title, but there it is.

As regular friends of the decanter know, shortly after teh death this summah of our beloved 18 y.o. cat Jennyanydots, Port Swiller Manor acquired two new feline members, Ginger and Fiona.

Well, in accordance with the agreement we signed with the Krazy Kat Peoplez in order to obtain said kittens, a couple weeks ago we took them in to be fixed.  They returned home to Port Swiller Manor lively and in good spirits, but sporting those plastic cone thingies around their necks.  Teh vets gave strict instructions that said cones should remain around their necks for at least seven days in order that they could not lick their scars and cause infection.

Well.  I’ve dealt with a few feline fixin’s in the past, but this was the first time I’d ever seen teh cone treatment.

After five days of watching teh kittehs lumber around with their cones like a couple mini-pachyderms, ol’ Robbo got impatient. As I say,  I’d never heard of this kind of cramping before, and I was distressed that teh kittehs were so hampered in their day to day.  So, reckoning that we were close enough,  I took teh cones off.


Smooth sailing at first.   But a couple days later, Mrs. R took the kittehs back to the vet for their follow-up examinations, and damme if Ginger didn’t have an infected scar, teh infection apparently caused by her licking herself.  The result?  Both kittens must wear their cones another seven days, and strict instructions were sent back to Port Swiller Manor to the effect that idjit pet-owners must pay attention to what doc said to begin with and not mess about….

Sigh.  Whatevs…….

I will say this:  I find it intensely amusing, as a cynical non-cat type person, how much teh kittehs cozen up when I offer to scratch their ears for them (which they can’t reach themselves, of course.)  BFF’s when Robbo brings teh relief, but I’ve still no doubt that they’d rip my lungs out if I were small enough…..

Oh, me-ow.