On an impulse, ol’ Robbo recently has reread the cycle of novels written by Charles Portis.  This time around, a funny little notion occurred to me.

The heroine of True Grit is named Mattie Ross.

The hero (anti-hero, really) of Portis’ next novel, The Dog of the South, is Ray Midge.

Both books are about journeys of revenge and retribution.  However, Mattie and Ray are near diametric opposites in just about every way imaginable.   She is strong and controlling.  He’s a drifting dweeb.  Her aim is a villain’s death.  He just wants his car and credit cards back.  And so on.

Now here’s the funny notion:  Their initials, respectively, are MR and RM.

Coincidence?  Quite possibly.  On the other hand, Portis is just the kind of meticulous, detail-oriented guy who would do something like that simply to amuse himself.

Okay, I said it was a little notion.  And I’m sure it’s not original.  But this is my blog (which is mine), so I’m a-mentioning it.