Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yes, the title refers to a particularly squishy Christmas folk hymn that makes my toes curl, but since the stores have had their Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff out for a couple weeks already, I’m rolling with it.

So here are some things about which I’m wondering:

♦   It is the long-standing custom of our eldest cat, as soon as she senses I’m awake in the morning, to plant her considerably weight on my chest, purring loudly and trying to hypnotize me into getting up and feeding her.  Although my body is under the covers, does she have some sort of sense that she’s sitting on me, or is she just instinctively going for the high ground?  Personally, I think it’s the former because, well, because that’s just the sort of thing a cat would do.   If the latter, why wouldn’t she aim for the pillow instead?

♦   The construction code issued by our benevolent and paternalistic local gub’mint decrees that external staircases must include small lights in the faces of every other step, lest we rubes trip in the dark and break our necks.   The system on our new one leading down from the porch is supposed to work on a photo-electric sensor, flipping itself on automatically at dusk.  So far, this has not been the case.  Sometimes the lights come on in the middle of the afternoon.  Sometimes they don’t come on at all.  For some reason, this reminds me of the intercom systems that were a popular home innovation back in the day.  Never once did I ever come across such a system that actually worked.   To me, this was an early lesson in the importance of not being seduced by the “wonders” of technology.

♦   NPR nooz is carrying an item this morning about some gang-related mass shooting in a park on the south side of Chicago late last night that injured a large number of people, including a 3 y.o. boy, a fact highlighted by the announcer.  I assume NPR is leaning on this from the martyr angle (because gunz, you guys!!!11!!111!), but the question that came to my mind was:  What the hell is a toddler doing in a park in the middle of the night, anyway?  

I know, I know.  I denounce myself.

♦   And speaking of such things, they held a memorial service for the victims of the Navy Yard shootings down the Cathedral earlier this week.  A local nooz crew took some footage of the choristers rehearsing, and it made its way to YooToob.  Teh Middle Gel is on the right.  Enjoy!