Nats HatGreetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo is posting this evening right on the heals of a glorious double-header sweep today by his beloved Nationals of the cursed and politically incorrect Atlanta Braves.

As of this moment, although the numbers are not likely to hold, the Nats are only four games behind the Reds for the second NL wild card spot, with  (I believe) eleven games to go.   Eh, although I have no doubts whatsoever that these last two weeks are going to be about as impossible as hitting a small, ray-shielded exhaust port right above the main port,  I’m still all in for the attack run, repeatedly chanting to myself, “Use the Force, Davy! Use the Force!”  (I decline to provide the allusion-explaining link here.  Some of you will get it.  Others will not. I. Am not. A Geek.)

I will say this:  Robbo’s beloved Nats, although sputtering through much of the first two thirds of the season, have come on some kind of strong lately.  And even if the Imperial post-season race math defeats them in the end, so far as I’m concerned, they have nothing to be ashamed of this season.  Well, except starting out so slowly.

Anyhoo, whatever happens, happens.  I didn’t mean this to be a Nats booster post per se  (although it certainly can count for that).

No, what I really wanted to do was to restate one of Robbo’s Iron Rules:  Anyone who thinks baseball is a boring game is, to quote Jimmy Rabbitte, a fookin’ eedjit.

Thus and no farther.  It’s too late in the evening to elaborate in any way that will do justice.   All I know is that every single pitch by both teams in these games, plus the 3-D chess offensive and defensive strategies of both clubs associated with them, causes ol’ Robbo’s stomach ulcer to get just a leetle bit bigger.

It’s painful, but it’s deliciously painful.

Oh, and while I’m baseball blogging, what other way can I round things off than by saying,

GO, NATS!!!!